Cold cooling glass cases shelves refrigerators showcases Poland

Cold cooling glass cases shelves refrigerators showcases Poland

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 Cold cooling glass cases shelves refrigerators showcases Poland

„Cold”- Professional coolness that suits your needs

The COLD General Partnership is a leading Polish manufacturer of cooling systems for small shops and large supermarkets, as well as furniture for the catering trade. More than 20 years of our presence on the market and experience gained during this time guarantee reliability and the best quality.

Thanks to a wide range of energy-saving and environmentally friendly products as well as our own model line the COLD Company has gained a large number of customers. Our goods are delivered to customers in Poland and to dealers throughout Europe, North America and Asia.


Cold cooling glass cases shelves refrigerators showcases PolandWITRYNY COOLING GLASS CASES - SERIES: "W-PVP"

W-PVP cooling glass cases are the newest design of our company. This modern design is characterized by lightness and a large and well-lit exhibition space. The main advantage is a new window opening system, which works very easily and precisely. In addition, the showcase can be equipped with a storage space made of stainless steel and with GN containers (instead of exhibition shelves). This device is available with aggregate or can be connected to an external power source. The showcase is designed to be combined with other showcases.


Cold cooling glass cases shelves refrigerators showcases Poland


S-GMR refrigerators are very useful for storage of products in back rooms of gastronomic establishments. The S-GMR refrigerators have an aggregate placed above the device and an automatic condensate vaporization system. It is adapted for the GN 2/1 containers and has an adequately shaped bottom in order to facilitate its cleaning. High quality, solid construction and energy efficiency are the key advantages of our devices.


Cold cooling glass cases shelves refrigerators showcases PolandREGAŁY COOLING SHELVES – SERIES: "R-PS"

R-SP cooling shelves are a larger version of the RP series. Greater height and depth in comparison to the RP shelves make possible to gain very large exhibition space. At the same time, the minimum essential total depth is kept in order to use the shop space optimally.

The R-PS shelves are available with three types of sides: full sides (with no mirror), glass sides with a frontal pile and glass sides with no frontal pile. The R-PS cooling shelves can be combined to make so-called islands, where the R-20 PS shelves are always the closing shelves. Between those two kinds of shelves a freely long row of shelves using other R-PS models can be built.

From the side of the row the shelves are finished with a glass wall. The whole circuit of an island is finished with a bounce beam, which protects against damages caused by shopping carts. Each shelf including the lower shelf has a price bar. This model is powered only by an external generator.


Cold cooling glass cases shelves refrigerators showcases PolandWITRYNY GONDOLA-SHAPED COOLING WALL SHOWCASES - SERIES: "W-MR/G/P"

W-MR/G/P gondola-shaped cooling wall showcases are used for the storage and the direct sale of frozen products such as meat, fish, fruit, vegetables and ice cream at a temperature of -15 C to -24 C. In shops, the showcases can be put on the wall, put together with backs or make islands using a closing gondola shelf.

Our showcases have a perfect shape and show products in an excellent way. They are characterized by a very high capacity and excellent insulation. The W-MR/G/P showcases are intended for an external power supply. The structure of the device makes it possible to create whole rows. The gondolas are available with or without non-cooling exhibition shelf.


Cold cooling glass cases shelves refrigerators showcases Poland


C-GN cooling showcases for confectionery are equipped with a cooling system that ensures appropriate temperatures on each shelf, as well as a humidity control system in the range of 30 - 80%. These showcases have a ventilation of warm air on the front glass and an automatic system for condensate removing. The entire casing is made of wood-like materials. The lower part of the front panel is illuminated. For each device we use the best energy-saving and reliable Danfoss aggregates.

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